With a $380,000 investment, Comcast Business has brought fiber to Fife.

The new high-capacity fiber network in Fife affects more than 145 businesses located between Interstate 5 and 20th Street East. It will allow for Internet speeds up 10 Gigabits per second and grant access to a comprehensive portfolio of Ethernet services.

“For businesses of all sizes, access to reliable, high-performance Ethernet services is an important tool to fuel growth and improve efficiency,” said Matt Fassnacht, vice president of Comcast Business in Washington. “Our investment in extending the Comcast network to Fife is part of our ongoing commitment to bringing local firms more technology options to fuel economic development.”

Lora Butterfield, president of Fife Milton Edgewood Chamber of Commerce, the new network will be a boon for the community.

“Access to an advanced network and leading-edge technology will help our area businesses grow and compete in he marketplace, which is important to our local economy and for career opportunities for our residents,” Butterfield said.