Chase – Washington’s new bank – today unveiled its bright blue octagon logo and name on 187 bank branches and 255 ATMs in Washington, reaching consumers and businesses formerly served by WaMu.

By the end of 2009, all former WaMu branches across the country will be operating on the Chase computer system, allowing customers to conduct their business at more than 5,000 Chase branches in 23 states.
Parent company JPMorgan Chase acquired Washington Mutual’s banking operations last September after federal regulators seized it. Less than a month later, Chase opened the combined network of 14,000 Chase and WaMu ATMs nationwide to customers for no-fee withdrawals and balance inquiries.

The New York-based financial institution is investing $56 million in refurbishing and rebranding its new outlets. It plans to refurbish the branches in Washington using high efficiency HVAC and lighting systems, low irrigation plant landscaping, solar reflectance, recycled materials in walls, floors and ceilings, and Energy Star appliances.