Cell phone users in Washington state pay the second-highest rate of combined local-state-federal tax for their service, according to a new study from Tax Foundation. It totals up to 24.44 percent tax added on to whatever charges you have agreed to pay your provider.

The number of U.S. cell phone subscribers has grown significantly in recent years from 48.7 million in 1997 to 321.7 million in 2012. And this trend toward cell phones has not gone unnoticed by state and local governments, many of which have targeted wireless services for higher taxes.

Nationwide, wireless consumers pay an average 17.18 percent in taxes and fees on their cell phone bill, including 11.36 percent in state and local charges, according to a newly released study that identifies and calculates wireless taxes and fees.

Nebraska has the highest rate at 18.67 percent, and is followed closely by Washington at 18.62 percent and New York at 17.85 percent.

These three states all apply tax rates nearly 10 times that of Oregon, and Washington actually borders the states with the first and second lowest rates. Oregon cell customers pay 7.67 percent combined tax rate.

The full report is posted on the Internet.