Building on the excitement of recent growth with the addition of an outpatient diagnostic imaging center, advanced wound center and neurosurgical services, Capital Medical Center has unveiled a new brand initiative. As part of the new brand initiative the hospital welcomes a new logo and announces “It’s A New Day at Capital Medical Center.” 

The New Day initiative incorporates a renewed commitment by the entire team of health care professionals at Olympia-based Capital Medical Center in taking the hospital to a higher level of excellence and improving every area of patient care.

The initiative will kick off with an It’s A New Day ad campaign that runs over the course of nine weeks and highlights hospital administrators, board members, physician leaders, employees, and volunteers passionately displaying their fresh direction as the hospital moves forward in its quest to exceed expectations and provide exceptional care. Concurrently, the hospital will begin prominently featuring its new logo as affirmation of A New Day at Capital.

The new brand is designed to connect the hospital’s bright future, recent growth, and renewed commitment with the community we serve.

Among the design highlights of the new logo are:

• The logo icon represents the interplay of land and water in the Olympia area, and   the importance of the landscape.

• The use of fresh and bright colors signals A New Day.

• Arno Pro Light Display, the new font complements the icon nicely and provides a clean, positive   energy indicative of the quality and service excellence path the hospital has embarked upon.