In only 60 days, starting Jan. 10, the Legislature must consider a variety of bills affecting local business. The following list is drawn from prefiled bills as of Dec. 21:

HB 2310: Modifying provisions relating to the insurance commissioner.

HB 2312: Selling land to the Port of Camas Washougal.

HB 2312: Assisting local governments with the financing of hazardous substance cleanup.

HB 2314: Promoting downtown and neighborhood commercial district revitalization.

HB 2315: Promoting community revitalization.

HB 2316: Clarifying the authority of community economic revitalization board to make loans and grants to political subdivisions for public facilities.

HB 2317: Limiting the use of capital funds to purchase art.

HB 2318: Modifying financial assistance laws for minority and women’s business enterprises.

HB 2319: Establishing a pooled interest-bearing account for the deposit of sales and use taxes.

HB 2320: Authorizing and applying electronic notice and proxies.

HB 2321: Authorizing the transmission of electronic proxy appointments.

HB 2322: Amending the partnership and limited liability company acts.