As expected, Thurston County Commissioners approved the creation of a Transportation Benefit District in a special meeting yesterday.

This move gives the county the option to seek additional funds for maintaining and preserving the roads, bridges, and overall transportation infrastructure within unincorporated area of the county.

And that might mean that companies located outside of incorporated cities within Thurston County should include a 2015 budget line for a new tax.

The three commissioners acting as the board of directors for the district will consider several items in early 2015, including a charter and bylaws, options for administrative and engineering services, development of a district work plan, and implementation of certain revenue sources available.

A $20 annual car licensing fee is mentioned by the county as among those options. Collecting an annual car licensing fee for each business- and personal-owned vehicles registered in unincorporated Thurston County would raise approximately $1.8 million annually for county transportation projects.

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