With the insurance market in an ongoing state of uncertainty, one of the region’s most venerable companies has struck a deal to continue offering an alternative means of care to its employees.

Tacoma’s Brown & Haley, makers of the famous Roca candy line, has opted to partner with Denver-based Paladina Health to offer a direct primary care option, or DPC, for its personnel. Rather than billing fee-for-service, Paladina’s physicians are paid a flat salary and incentivized through bonuses based on health outcomes and patient satisfaction. Patients are instead charged a fee on a set interval and are able to opt for care as much or as little as necessary.

 “We’ve always sought to give our colleagues the best medical care we can find and this new partnership provides just that,” says Pierson Clair, CEO of Brown & Haley. “Paladina Health doctors have a level of interest in our employees that is simply remarkable. It’s the kind of care and respect we want our employees to have.”

Brown and Haley is no stranger to the DPC model. Previously, the company received DPC services through Seattle-based Qliance, which closed all clinic operations in June, citing fraud from one of its lenders.