Brown & Haley is moving its headquarters from Tacoma to the former Morning Sun building at 3077 20th St. East in Fife.

“The plant is not moving,” said Stacy Kudolph, B&H’s sales manager. “We’re just combining two warehouses and our corporate office into one local site.” About 40 employees will be affected, she said, but the company isn’t downsizing and no jobs will be lost.

“It has nothing to do with the economy,” Kudolph said. “The move is to help facilitate communication between our offices.”

Although B&H plans to have a retail outlet store at the Fife location, the outlet store at the Tacoma plant will remain open. A soft opening for the Fife outlet is planned for June 1 with a grand opening scheduled for June 17.

Rob McNair-Huff, the City of Tacoma’s community relations manager, said the city was aware that some of Brown & Haley’s executives were moving.

“We’ve been working for a number of years with Brown & Haley to keep them in Tacoma and we will continue to do so,” he said. “It is one of those things we can understand, they may want to change the address of their headquarters. For us the key is that the products are still being manufactured in Tacoma and the jobs are still in Tacoma.”

McNair-Huff said since Brown & Haley would still have a business presence in Tacoma, it would still be obligated to pay city B&O tax.

“We need to celebrate this because it seems that most of the news in business has been about things closing,” said Aaron Williams, executive director of the Fife Milton Edgewood Chamber of Commerce. “I’m excited about Brown & Haley moving to town. it’s right in line with our economic strategy.”