The Seattle Times reported this afternoon that The Boeing Co. will supplement its Frederickson production operations with new workers at a Salt Lake City facility and in Italy. The Utah operation is currently working to produce the vertical tail pieces for 787 models to be assembled in South Carolina.

The only Boeing manufacturing operation in Pierce County has long produced composite tail parts for the 777 and, more recently, 787 models. With the aircraft giant ramping up  output of this newest Dreamliner model, capacity growth is necessary for future derivations like the 787-9. But today’s news means it will not be in western Washington.
Boeing spokesman Doug Alder told the Times the new out-of-state manufacturing will not mean any job losses in Washington, but will create about 100 new positions in Utah by the end of 2014 when the newer model emerges.

Horizontal tail components for the current 787-8 have been built at the Boeing Developmental Center in south Seattle, after early work out of the Alenia plant in Italy contributed to delays in the initial production schedule.

A company statement is quoted by the Times: “We try to have more than source for parts and assemblies” to avoid problems of production interruptions.