City of Destiny has been named one of the Top Best 100 Places to Live by, a website that ranks quality of life and travel amenities across America’s small and mid-sized cities.

Tacoma ranked 41st on the list, behind Bellevue and Bellingham but ahead of Redmond, Everett and Vancouver.

The total score of 605 points, and high scores in amenities (88), demographic diversity (73) and education (64) earned Tacoma’s placement on this list. Palo Alto, Calif. topped the list, with a total score of 646 points.

“Great cities are more than just a check-list of bars, coffee shops and museums,” said Editor Matt Carmichael. “Our goal was to collect the best data available, from the best sources and the best partners to gauge the true measures of livability. Access was important, but so were utilization and affordability.”

Five other Washington cities also made the list: Bellevue (ranked 12th), Bellingham (ranked 25th), Redmond (ranked 62nd), Everett (ranked 73rd) and Vancouver (ranked 96th). 

Livability said it partnered with the Martin Prosperity Institute, a think tank concentrating on the role of location, place, and city-regions in global economic prosperity, and Ipsos Public Affairs, research firm to compile the list. The full list is available at this URL.