With a new acquisition, Puyallup-based Bartelson Transport is looking to expand into a new arena: flatbed trucking. 

Last month, the company acquired fellow Puyallup business Denis Gray Trucking. Whereas Bartelson specializes in container and intermodal trucking, Denis Gray is solely flatbed. The acquisition brings over 12 trucks and 12 employees.

“Basically, it was an opportunity for us to diversify our offering in transportation. They have a completely different offering,” said Chief Financial Officer James Pizl. “There’s also a certain, slight seasonality, in that the flatbed time is more our slower time, and vice versa. We’ll be able to flex drivers from one company to the other.”

This is the company’s first acquisition, but Pizl said it may not be the last. He said they are looking to grow to 100 trucks, either organically or through acquisition, should it make sense.

Specifically, he said, the company may look to expand in Eastern Washington, though that isn’t set in stone. It recently opened up a new yard in Royal City, halfway to Spokane.

“What we couldn’t reach in a day before we could reach now, because of that. (Truckers from Idaho can) trade trailers in Royal City,” he said.