Bankers are taking over Harvard Elementary School on Thursday, as more than 20 Wells Fargo employees will take over teaching duties as part of Teach Children to Save Day.

The national financial education volunteering effort is sponsored by the American Bankers Association. More than 200 Wells Fargo bankers will teach savings lessons to more than 2,500 Washington grade school students in 102 classrooms at 20 different schools. 

The outreach effort also is part of Junior Achievement of Washington’s “JA Day,” in which students learn civics and economics lessons using Junior Achievement’s curriculum. Washington is currently among 33 states that do not require high school students to take a course in personal finance, according to the Council for Economic Education, so the volunteers are looking to instead get the kids interested in wise financial choices early.

 “By starting these conversations early, we can get Washington’s kids excited about learning how to save and spend money responsibly so they can make smart, confident financial decisions as adults,” said Patrick Yalung, Wells Fargo Washington region president.  “We hope that Harvard Elementary students develop life-long, positive financial habits as a result of what they learn during Teach Children to Save Day.”