Washington state’s leading small-business association is not wasting a day in its continuing campaign to educate everyone about the potential effects of Gov. Inslee’s climate plan. 

National Federation of Business is launching two, one-minute radio ads today that will run in various markets throughout the state. They will run for three weeks and each ends with a request of listeners to call the governor.

“It might appear odd to launch the radio part of our public awareness campaign in between two major holidays only a week apart, but we don’t have the luxury of time,” said Patrick Connor, NFIB’s Washington state director. “Opinions on the governor’s climate plan, which he announced December 17, are being formed now, and small-business owners need to be part of the discussion, because of their centrality to our state’s economy.”

“We know there’s a cost,” says trucking company owner Frank Riordan in one ad (click to listen), “but how much? If all Washingtonians will pay more at the pump because of the governor’s plan, we should all have a say in the process and the decision.” Riordan is president of Seattle-based Becker Trucking.

The ads were produced and paid for by NFIB, The Voice of Free Enterprise Inc. NFIB is America’s largest and leading small-business association with 350,000, dues-paying members across the nation, including more than 8,000 in Washington state.