The City of Auburn received notification earlier this week that it had received an Innovation Partnership Zone designation from the Washington State Department of Commerce. Auburn is one of 14 cities in the state to receive the designation. Designations carry for four years.

An IPZ is a unique economic development effort that partners research, workforce training, and private sector participation in close geographic proximity to promote collaboration in a research based effort that will lead to new technologies, marketable products, company formation and job creation.

The Auburn IPZ will be an Urban Business Center for Innovative Partnerships. This business plan creates a model for sustainable innovations and new market partnerships through public/private research with Washington State University, workforce development programs, and Auburn’s diverse private sector industrial base. The plan also becomes the first step toward the reinvention of industrial properties into market affordable mixed use business clusters of diverse types.

“Our City has been working for some time to create an environment that supports economic growth and we could not be more proud to receive this designation” said Mayor Pete Lewis. “This is precisely what our City Council has been strategically working towards with all our improvements in service delivery, regulatory reforms, our significant investment into public infrastructure and our on-going program of new business incentives.”

For more information about Auburn’s Urban Business Center for Innovative Partnerships, other State IPZ zones, or for information on additional Economic Development efforts in Auburn, visit or call 253-804-3101.