Alaska Airlines CFO and executive VP of finance Brandon Petersen told a breakfast audience at Tacoma’s Museum of Glass today that the carrier’s merger with Virgin America airline is “an unfinished canvas.”

Seattle-based Alaska completed its purchase of San Francisco-headquartered Virgin in December, but Petersen said he expects a two-year integration period for the two unique airlines’ cultures and approach to the marketplace.

Host Debbie Lenk, MOG executive director, commented that the 15-year-old Museum of Glass is “still a canvas not yet complete,” but its has achieved a level of sustainability.

“Breakfast at the Cone” was intended to celebrate the anniversary and build financial support to expand services, always focused on sustainability and growth.

Linking to the keynote speaker’s topic, Lenk noted, “Art without Business will not survive; Business without Art will not have a soul.”

The airline CFO agreed to the importance of business support for the arts. And in response to an audience question, Pedersen said he is very aware of growing costs of doing business in greater Seattle, so other areas of the state (maybe even Tacoma) will be looked at for future growth needs.