State regulators have ordered a King County moving company to pay a $51,900 penalty for more than 500 violations of federal and state transportation safety regulations.

Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission fined Seattle-based Can’t Stop Moving LLC for 529 separate violations identified during a routine check on operations.

The inspection, conducted in April by a UTC motor carrier safety inspector uncovered:

  • 429 violations where the company allowed five of its drivers to operate a moving truck when they were not medically certified;
  • Five violations for failing to conduct criminal background checks on employees;
  • Five violations for not maintaining driver qualification files;
  • 17 violations for allowing a driver to operate a vehicle while his license was suspended;

There were additional violations for failing to keep records of vehicle inspection and maintenance, and using a vehicle that was not properly inspected.

WUTC says drivers who are not medically certified, or have worked extended hours, potentially put the traveling public at risk, as an undocumented medical condition or fatigue could present serious safety concerns. A company using vehicles that have not been inspected or maintained put the traveling public at risk.

The following company history is on the Can’t Stop Moving website:

“After working for other moving services for many years, we learned all the ways not to run a moving company and felt we could do it better.”