A large parcel of land that was once to have a retirement dream home and be a nature sanctuary will now just be a nature sanctuary, after the long-time owners, Dr. George and Marcia Brown, decided to relocate to California and transfer this special piece of land to Capitol Land Trust.

Located on the southeast shore of Thurston County’s Henderson Inlet, the 49-acre property is mostly forested, but also has wetlands and a small stream that traverses the property before flowing into a small pocket estuary. The estuary provides habitat for salmon and shellfish.

The County’s Shellfish Protection District plan calls for permanent land conservation in this stretch of the Inlet, with a goal to improve water quality to protect the viability of the commercial shellfish industry, as well as public shellfish and marine resources.

“Henderson Inlet is one of Capitol Land Trust’s focus areas and this property is just one-quarter mile away from two other shoreline properties we own and manage,” said Amanda Reed, Capitol Land Trust’s executive director. “Together, these properties protect water quality in Henderson Inlet for nature and the people of Lacey and Olympia.” 

The only building on the property is a dilapidated home dating back to the 1930’s, which has not been used in decades. Capitol Land Trust will demolish and remove it to restore the property to natural conditions. 

The property includes 3,500 feet of shoreline for shellfish, harbor seals and salmon species, along with 1,500 feet of fish-bearing stream. The forest provides habitat for deer, coyote, great blue heron, bald eagles, and pileated woodpeckers.