During candidate filing week, which concluded on May 18, a total of 426 candidates filed to run for 158 local, state, and federal offices.

Washington’s primary election occurs on August 7. This year’s general election is on November 6. The deadline to register online to vote in the general election is October 8. The deadline to register in person is October 29.

U.S. Senator (6-year term)
Incumbent: Maria Cantwell (Prefers Democratic)
Candidates: Steve Hoffman, Sam Wright, Mike Luke, Clint R. Tannehill, Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, Charlie R. Jackson, Jon Butler, Mohammad Said, Don L. Rivers, Keith Swank, Dave Bryant, RC Smith, GoodSpaceGuy, Matthew D. Heines, Joey Gibson, Dave Strider, Glen R. Stockwell, Alex Tsimerman, James Robert “Jimmie” Deal, Maria Cantwell, Jennifer Gigi Ferguson, Brad Chase, Art Coday, Matt Hawkins, Thor Amundson, Tim Owen, John Orlinski, George H. Kalberer, and Susan Hutchison

Of the 29 senate candidates, 13 prefer the Republican party, five prefer the Democratic party (including the incumbent, Maria Cantwell), 5 are Independent, and six prefer other parties.

Congressional District No. 3 (U.S. Rep., 2-year term)
(Clark, Cowlitz, Klickitat, Lewis, Pacific, Skamania, Thurston, Wahkiakum)
Incumbent: Jaime Herrera Beutler
Candidates: Martin Hash, Jaime Herrera Beutler, David McDevitt, Michael Cortney, Earl Bowerman, Carolyn Long, and Dorothy Gasque

Congressional District No. 6 (U.S. Rep., 2-year term)
(Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Pierce)
Incumbent: Derek Kilmer
Candidates: Derek Kilmer, Douglas Dightman, and Tyler Myles Vega

Congressional District No. 8 (U.S. Rep., 2-year term)
(Chelan, Douglas, King, Kittitas, Pierce)
Incumbent: David Reichert
Candidates: Shannon Hader, Bill Grassie, Dino Rossi, Jason Rittereiser, Tom Cramer, Kim Schrier, Gordon Allen Pross, Richard Travis Reyes, Jack Hughes-Hageman, Todd Mahaffey, Patrick Dillon, and Keith Arnold

Congressional District No. 9 (U.S. Rep., 2-year term)
(King, Pierce)
Incumbent: Adam Smith
Candidates: Adam Smith, Sarah Smith, and Doug Basler

Congressional District No. 10 (U.S. Rep., 2-year term)
(Mason, Pierce, Thurston)
Incumbent: Denny Heck
Candidates: Denny Heck, Joseph Brumbles, Nancy Dailey Slotnick, and Tamborine Borrelli

Legislative District No. 2 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
(Pierce, Thurston)
Incumbents: Andrew Barkis and JT Wilcox
Candidates: Andrew Barkis, Anneliese Feld, and JT Wilcox

Legislative District No. 20 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
(Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis, Thurston)
Incumbents: Richard DeBolt and Ed Orcutt
Candidates: Richard DeBolt, John Thompson, Ed Orcutt, Brennan Bailey, and Mark Smith

Legislative District No. 22 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
Incumbents: Laurie Dolan and Beth Doglio
Candidates: Laurie Dolan, C Davis, Beth Doglio, and Allen Acosta

Legislative District No. 25 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
Incumbents: Melanie Stambaugh and Joyce McDonald
Candidates: Julie L. Door, Jamie Smith, Kelly Chambers, Emmett Smith, Brian Duthie, Chris Gildon, and Ned Witting

Legislative District No. 26 (State Senator, 4-year term)
(Kitsap, Pierce)
Incumbent: Jan Angel
Candidates: Emily Randall, Bill Scheidler, Marty McClendon

Legislative District No. 26 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
(Kitsap, Pierce)
Incumbents: Jesse L. Young and Michelle Caldier
Candidates: Jesse L. Young, Naomi Evans, Connie FitzPatrick, Michelle Caldier, Joy Stanford, Marco Padilla, and Randy Boss

Legislative District No. 27 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
Incumbents: Laurie Jinkins and Jake Fey
Candidates: Laurie Jinkins, Kyle Paskewitz, Jake Fey, and Donald Golden

Legislative District No. 28 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
Incumbents: Richard (Dick) Muri and Christine Kilduff
Candidates: Richard (Dick) Muri, Mari Leavitt, Christine Kilduff, and Maia Espinoza

Legislative District No. 29 (State Senator, 4-year term)
Incumbent: Steve Conway
Candidates: Steve Conway and Pierre Malebranche

Legislative District No. 29 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
Incumbents: David Sawyer and Steve Kirby
Candidates: David Sawyer, Terry Harder, Melanie Morgan, Janis Clark, and Steve Kirby

Legislative District No. 30 (State Senator, 4-year term)
(King, Pierce)
Incumbent: Mark Miloscia
Candidates: Mark Miloscia, Claire Wilson, and Tirzah Idahosa

Legislative District No. 30 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
(King, Pierce)
Incumbents: Mike Pellicciotti and Kristine Reeves
Candidates: Mike Pellicciotti, Linda Kochmar, Kristine M. Reeves, and Mark Greene

Legislative District No. 31 (State Senator, 4-year term)
(King, Pierce)
Incumbent: Phil Fortunato
Candidates: Phil Fortunato, Jeff Benson, and Immaculate Ferreria

Legislative District No. 31 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
(King, Pierce)
Incumbents: Drew Stokesbary and Morgan Irwin
Candidates: Drew Stokesbary, Victoria Mena, Morgan Irwin, Mark Boswell, and Steve Skutt

Legislative District No. 35 (State Senator, 4-year term)
(Kitsap, Mason, Thurston)
Incumbent: Tim Sheldon
Candidates: Tim Sheldon, Irene Bowling, Marco Brown, John Martin, and George Sevier

Legislative District No. 35 (State Rep., 2-year term)(2 positions)
(Kitsap, Mason, Thurston)
Incumbents: Dan Griffey and Drew MacEwen
Candidates: Dan Griffey, James Thomas, Drew C. MacEwen, and David Daggett

Pierce County Auditor (4-year term)
Incumbent: Julie Anderson
Candidates: Julie Anderson

Pierce County Prosecuting Attorney (4-year term)
Incumbent: Mark Lindquist
Candidates: Mark Lindquist and Mary Robnett

Thurston County Assessor (4-year term)
Incumbent: Steven J. Drew
Candidates: Steven J. Drew

Thurston County Auditor (4-year term)
Incumbent: Mary Hall
Candidates: Mary Hall and Stuart Holmes

Thurston County Clerk (4-year term)
Incumbent: Linda Enlow
Candidates: Linda Enlow

Thurston County Coroner (4-year term)
Incumbent: Gary Warnock
Candidates: Gary Warnock

Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney (4-year term)
Incumbent: Jon Tunheim
Candidates: Jon Tunheim and Victor M. Minjares

Thurston County Commissioner District No. 3 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Bud Blake
Candidates: Melissa Denton, Tye Menser, Bud Blake, and Jed Haney

Thurston County Sheriff (4-year term)
Incumbent: John D. Snaza
Candidates: John D. Snaza

Thurston County Treasurer (4-year term)
Incumbent: Jeff Gadman
Candidates: Jeff Gadman

Mason County Assessor (4-year term)
Incumbent: Melody Peterson
Candidates: Melody Peterson and Patti McLean

Mason County Auditor (4-year term)
Incumbent: Karen Herr
Candidates: Paddy McGuire

Mason County Clerk (4-year term)
Incumbent: Sharon Fogo
Candidates: Sharon (Moore) Fogo

Mason County Commissioner District No. 3 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Terri Drexler
Candidates: Sharon Trask, Mary Jo Cady, Kathy Caussee, and Kevin Schmelzlen

Mason County Coroner (4-year term)
Incumbent: Wes Stockwell
Candidates: Wes Stockwell

Mason County Prosecutor (4-year term)
Incumbent: Michael Dorcy
Candidates: Michael Dorcy

Mason County Sheriff (4-year term)
Incumbent: Casey Salisbury
Candidates: Darin Holland and Casey Salisbury

Mason County Treasurer (4-year term)
Incumbent: Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier
Candidates: Elisabeth (Lisa) Frazier

City Council District No. 1 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Dan Roach
Candidates: Milton (Milt) Tremblay, Sharon Hanek, Dave Morell, and Lorra Jackson

City Council District No. 5 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Rick Talbert
Candidates: Marty Campbell, Justin Van Dyk, and Suzanne Skaar

City Council District No. 7 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Derek M. Young
Candidates: Derek M. Young and David Olson

Supreme Court Justice Position 2 (6-year term)
Incumbent: Susan Owens
Candidates: Susan Owens and (Zamboni) John Scannell

Supreme Court Justice Position 8 (6-year term)
Incumbent: Steve Gonzalez
Candidates: Steve Gonzalez and Nathan Choi

Supreme Court Justice Position 9 (6-year term)
Incumbent: Sheryl Gordon McCloud
Candidates: Sheryl Gordon McCloud and Stanley I Lippmann

Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 1 (6-year term)
Incumbent: Bradley A. Maxa
Candidate: Linda Lee

Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 2 (6-year term)
(Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Thurston)
Incumbent: Thomas Bjorgen
Candidate: Rebecca Glasgow

Pierce County District Court Position 1 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Kevin McCann
Candidate: Kevin McCann

Pierce County District Court Position 2 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Claire Sussman
Candidate: Claire Sussman

Pierce County District Court Position 3 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Frank Dacca
Candidates: Tim Lewis and Lizanne Padula

Pierce County District Court Position 4 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Lloyd Oaks
Candidate: Lloyd Oaks

Pierce County District Court Position 5 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Judy Jasprica
Candidates Judy Jasprica

Pierce County District Court Position 6 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Margaret Vail Ross
Candidates: John Sheeran, Karl Williams, Matthew F. Wareham

Pierce County District Court Position 7 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Karla Buttorff
Candidate: Karla Buttorff

Pierce County District Court Position 8 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Jeanette A. Lineberry
Candidate: Jeanette A. Lineberry

Thurston County District Court Position 1 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Kalo Wilcox
Candidate: Kalo Wilcox

Thurston County District Court Position 2 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Sam Meyer
Candidate: Sam Meyer

Thurston County District Court Position 3 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Brett Buckley
Candidate: Brett Buckley

Thurston Public Utility District Commissioner District No. 1 (6-year term)
Incumbent: Linda Oosterman
Candidates: Linda L. Oosterman and Andrew Saturn

Mason County District Court (4-year term)
Incumbent: Victoria C. Meadows
Candidates: Eric Valley, Eugene C. Austin, John R. Bonin, Stephen D. Greer, and George A. Steele

Mason County Superior Court (4-year term)
Incumbent: Monty D. Cobb
Candidate: Monty D. Cobb

Mason County Public Utility District 1 Commissioner District 3 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Linda Gott
Candidate: Jack Janda

Mason County Public Utility District 3 Commissioner District 3  (4-year term)
Incumbent: Bruce E. Jorgenson
Candidate: Bruce E. Jorgenson

City of Tacoma Municipal Court Position 1 (4-year term)
Incumbent: David B. Ladenburg
Candidate: David B. Ladenburg

City of Tacoma Municipal Court Position 2 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Drew Ann Henke
Candidate: Drew Ann Henke

City of Tacoma Municipal Court Position 3 (4-year term)
Incumbent: Elizabeth E. (Betsy) Verhey
Candidates: Dwayne L. Christopher and Derek M. Smith