On Nov. 21, the EPA announced that it would contribute $5.6 million to projects in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska that support reduction in diesel emissions.

“The benefits of investing in clean diesel technology are undeniable,” Chris Hladick, EPA’s regional administrator in Seattle, said in a statement. “By helping fund diesel smoke reduction projects, we can improve air quality, provide solid leveraging opportunities and create good, family-wage jobs.”

The funding will be distributed through the EPA’s Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) and will support state and local organizations, including the Northwest Seaport Alliance ($1 million), the Washington Department of Ecology ($486,939), the City of Tacoma ($542,684), and The Quinault Indian Nation ($171,407).

Diesel emissions are known to have negative impacts on cardiovascular and respiratory health. The pledging of funds to EPA Region 10 (Pacific Northwest) through DETA is part of a larger campaign across the country to reduce diesel emissions and protect air quality.

Thumbnail photo by Vladimir Solomyani on Unsplash