The Tacoma City Council recently voted to pass Ordinance 28640, which expands and aligns the city’s electric vehicle charging infrastructure with the state’s updated building codes.

The adopted code will require new multifamily buildings with 10 or more parking spaces, or those that add 10 or more parking spaces, to install the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging in a minimum of 20 percent of the parking stalls.

Prior to this change, requirements had been in both the land use and building code chapters causing confusion for builders, construction delays, and lack of adoption of the technology.

“This change helps streamline the city’s requirements, while aligning them with the state’s updates that are expected to go into effect in 2022,” stated Council member Ryan Mello. “It is important that, as a city, we are planning for the changing transportation landscape and recognizing the environmental and equity benefits of electric vehicles — saving users money, improving our air quality, and reducing our impact on climate pollution from combustion engine cars.”

To review the ordinance its in entirety, visit this website.