Courtesy of Dress for Success

Seattle-based company Dress for Success recently announced a partnership with Capital One and SaverLife. Dress for Success is an organization dedicated to empowering women to achieve financial independence through a six-week course. 

The new partnership between these three organizations will help women gain financial management skills. They also have created a new savings program for participants in the financial education programs.

SaverLife’s network of employers, financial institutions, nonprofits, and advocacy groups advance savings programs, analytic insights, and policy initiatives dedicated to a more equitable America. A recent report from SaverLife found that $250 in savings correlates with increased housing security. Households with just $100 in savings were better able to keep utilities on and avoid high-cost borrowing.

Dress for Success has locations throughout the U.S. Its six-week financial literacy course curriculum covers topics such as personal finance, managing income, building independence, planning for the future, financial health, and online banking and safety. The nonprofit supports women from diverse backgrounds, 70 percent of whom are women of color.