OK; let’s be honest: public libraries are amazing. They’re welcoming community hubs where people have access to countless resources and learning opportunities. Kids and adults alike can benefit from the existence of public libraries, and people can come and go as often as they please without paying so much as a dime.

If you’ve ever wanted to show your appreciation for your local library beyond what you pay through your tax dollars, the Library Giving Day campaign on April 10 is the time to do it. The Tacoma Public Library will join more than 70 libraries nationwide in the one-day fundraising event, all of which will take place online.

“It’s exciting to see our state libraries working together through this giving campaign, as I’m sure it will help raise visibility for our libraries across the state,” Washington State librarian Cindy Aden said in a statement.

Those interested in giving to the Tacoma Public Library don’t have to wait until next Wednesday: the portal is open now and will close at midnight on April 10. To make a donation, click here.