The Washington State Department of Commerce has granted 52 communities a total of $4 million to address housing affordability and help support the development of housing action plans, municipal code changes, subarea planning, and environmental reviews.

“The rising cost of housing is weighing on our economy, burdening struggling families and leaving our most vulnerable people outside,” stated Commerce director Lisa Brown. “These grants will help strengthen communities by helping them plan for more diverse and affordable housing across Washington state.”

The Washington State Legislature created this new grant program to help address the housing affordability crisis throughout the state. Lawmakers sought to encourage cities to select from a detailed list of land use planning activities and prioritize the creation of affordable, inclusive neighborhoods, especially in areas with frequent transit service and infrastructure that supports added residential capacity.

According to the Department of Commerce, some communities — such as Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater, and six south King County cities — are electing to work together to create regional housing action plans to have a greater impact through collaboration. The plans will look at how communities can incentivize more diverse housing types and match housing types to what households can afford.

For the full list of grant recipients and more information, visit this website.

Thumbnail photo by Pixabay via Pexels