In an effort to underscore that the engagement of Tacoma residents and businesses “is not only valued, it is vital,” Mayor Victoria Woodards has launched the new “Compassionate Tacoma” initiative to encourage residents and businesses help foster a more welcoming, connected, vibrant, and resilient community.

“Many of the issues we face will come and go, but the impact of how we treat each other will last many lifetimes,” stated Woodards. “By listening and serving others with love and ensuring that every action we take is founded in compassion, we help shape the brightest possible future for our city.”

Residents and businesses can text “I’m all in” to (253) 650-0588 or visit to express support for the “Compassionate Tacoma” initiative and be alerted to future announcements and event notifications. These will include recognition of community members who embody “Compassionate Tacoma” values, engagement in community service opportunities established in partnership with United Way, and other opportunities for residents and businesses to be announced soon.

For more information, visit this website.