Courtesy Columbia Bank

Columbia Bank recently announced that it will be providing two, one-time grants for $25,000 through its Warm Homes grant campaign. These grants will go to organizations in Idaho and Washington that are working toward achieving affordable housing solutions within their state.

This year, the Washington recipient is Vine Maple Place of Maple Valley. This organization helps to provide stable housing for homeless families within Washington state. In Idaho, Priest River Ministries, an organization advocating for women in Priest River Idaho, will receive the funding.

David Moore, Columbia Bank’s executive vice president and chief marketing and experience officer, said, “Each of the organizations were selected for their entrepreneurial approach and their deep commitment to reducing homelessness through warm, safe, and sustainable housing.”

In the past, Columbia Bank has given $250,000 through its Warm Homes campaign to new transitional or permeant affordable housing solutions. The programs that receive the grants also provide additional programs to help low-income families and individuals break the cycle of homelessness.

Columbia Bank is headquartered in Tacoma, Washington. It is a Washington state charted, full-service commercial bank that has locations throughout the Pacific Northwest.