The Pierce County Superior Court recently denied a motion that would have halted the City of Tacoma from pursuing a final agreement with Rainier Connect without a public vote.

The issue came about when the Tacoma Public Utility Board and City Council voted in March to negotiate with Rainier Connect, a local internet provider, “to expand the existing public-private partnership to maintain the Click! Network as a publicly-owned asset.” The two government bodies opted to pursue these negotiations after first undergoing an extensive vetting process, which included opportunities for public feedback, according to a news release from the City of Tacoma.

Thomas McCarthy, Christopher Anderson, and Mitchell Shook filed the motions with the court, and the judge also denied their requests to define Click! Network as a separate utility.

“Based on this ruling, the City will continue negotiations as directed by the City Council and Tacoma Utility Board with Rainier Connect on a partnership agreement according to the twelve community public goals,” said Jackie Flowers, director of Tacoma Public Utilities. “If a proposed agreement is negotiated, it will be submitted to the Board and Council for consideration, public input, and possible approval later this summer.” To learn more, visit Tacoma Public Utilities.