Changes are coming to the City of Tacoma’s single-family home permitting process. Effective June 1, 2018, only one permit application, called a Residential Combination Permit, will be required for a new single-family home. The current process can require up to nine different permit applications.

The new Combination Permit covers both the building permit, which includes the building, plumbing, and mechanical permits, and the site development permit, which includes any sidewalk, driveway, water or stormwater connection, sewer, or grading work.

The city expects the change to save time for permit applicants, increase customer service, and simplify the overall process.

“These new fees will allow the city to be more agile in the future, by allowing us to adjust our processes and resources to respond to customers’ needs with the appropriate staffing levels to review, issue, and inspect permits,” Corey Newton, residential review team manager, said in a statement. “All of these renovations are aimed toward building a livable, sustainable, and safe city.”

The City of Tacoma is also implementing new permitting fees: a building review fee, a building permit fee, a site review fee, and a site permit fee. See the fee table for a full description of required fees.