In the South Sound, there are many potential emergencies and natural disasters — volcanic activity, earthquakes, derailments — that citizens should be prepared for. To better equip locals in the case of one of these emergencies and to address issues of concern before a real incident, the city of Puyallup’s Emergency Management division will join Pierce County to conduct a full-scale emergency exercise on Nov. 7.

The purpose of this exercise will be to test and improve Puyallup’s ability to shelter displaced residents during a large emergency event. This will be done with the participation of public safety officers, volunteers, and people role-playing a variety characters with different needs.

“Exercises are crucial to test our plans, policies and procedures,” Kirstin Hofmann, Puyallup’s Emergency Manager, said in a statement. “We have to be prepared in the event of an emergency and by training and exercising we can see where we are ready to respond and discover areas where we need to improve. Ultimately, our goal is to increase our ability to provide the necessary services to Puyallup residents during emergencies or disasters.”

This Wednesday’s simulated emergency will be a flood of the Puyallup River that calls for evacuations. People will find shelter at Puyallup Nazarene Church and be interviewed by Pierce County’s Functional Assessment Service team to identify unmet needs. This process will then be evaluated to determine if any procedures need changing.

To learn more about Puyallup’s approach to managing emergencies, visit the city’s website.