Courtesy of City of Lacey via Facebook

The City of Lacey is inviting the public to participate in a virtual open house on the Thurston Climate Mitigation Plan (TCMP) implementation in Lacey.

Those who are interested can visit the online open house and participate any time between now and April 30.

During the open house participants can learn about topics related to the TCMP and provide input on how local actions identified in the plan should be implemented in Lacey. The tentative plan is to adopt the TCMP into the City’s Comprehensive Plan later this summer.

The virtual resource is designed to replicate an in-person open house with stations on various topics related to climate mitigation, including emissions sources and reduction targets, buildings and energy, transportation and land use, urban forests and carbon sequestration, water and waste, social equity, and local climate actions.

Following the open house, the City will incorporate the community’s input into the next phase of the planning process.

The City’s Planning Commission will review the TCMP and make a recommendation to the Lacey City Council for final approval.