The City of Gig Harbor has announced Laura Pettitt Roe as its new director of tourism and communications after a long and highly competitive recruitment process. Pettitt Roe will be responsible for the city’s internal and external communications, marketing, advertising, tourism, and events.

Mayor Kit Khun was excited to add Pettitt Roe to the team, remarking in a press release that he knows “her familiarity with Gig Harbor along with extensive experience will be a tremendous value to our staff and city.”

Indeed, Pettitt Roe brings a vast well of expertise into her new role, having more than 17 years of experience working in tourism and communications both on a domestic and international scale. She’s worked with in-state and international tourism destinations; international airlines; and prominent hotel brands in Washington as well as Europe, Australia, and even the Caribbean.

But despite Pettitts Roe’s worldly resume, she has a special place in her heart for Gig Harbor. Pettitt Roe was born and raised there, giving her an intimate knowledge of the city’s past and present. She has a keen eye for Gig Harbor’s particular charm and plans to retain that unique personality through future growth.

Pettitt Roe said she is excited to share her passion for her hometown through her new role. “I look forward to the impact we can have through sharing the stories of what makes our city an amazing place to live, work, and visit,” Pettitt Roe said.

She will assume the position beginning Thursday, Feb. 27. For more information on visiting Gig Harbor, click here; or, for more information about Gig Harbor in general, see the City’s website.