Child Care Aware of Washington (CCAWA), with the assistance of a $120,000 emergency grant from the Washington Department of Commerce, is working to help licensed child care centers and family child care centers across the state stay safe and battle the spread of COVID-19.

The grant is helping to fund the nonprofit’s plan for a data-driven approach to assessing and meeting the needs of some of the state’s 5,432 licensed child care centers and family child care centers child care providers through a bulk purchasing plan.

With help from the Commerce grant, CCAWA will soon have delivered more than $260,000 worth of supplies, such as face coverings, cleaning supplies, and more, through nine regional distribution centers located throughout the state to minimize travel, especially in remote rural areas.

“We continue to hear that providers can’t access adequate supplies three months into this crisis.  And now with the required new cleaning requirements and lower enrollment affording the needed supplies is adding to the difficulty,” said Deeann Puffert, CEO of CCAWA, in a news release. “Much thanks to the Department of Commerce for this amazing grant and for their commitment to assisting the child care providers in the state.  I know this will mean a lot!”

Even with more than 13,000 supplies purchased to date, significant need persists. In the week leading up the Fourth of July holiday, CCAWA used some of the state funds to purchase more supplies, which are being delivered over the next few weeks.

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