Chambers Bay Golf Course is scheduled to shut down for the next five months while its putting greens are replaced, golf course officials announced this week.

The current fine fescue greens will be replaced with poa annua, a Northwest grass that was used to re-sod three impaired putting greens last year. The success of those replacements spurred conversations about replacing the rest of the greens.

According to officials, the upgrade will “immediately improve daily playing conditions and ensure the ability to conduct an exemplary USGA Championship in 2021.”

Complaints about the putting greens date back to 2015 when Chambers Bay hosted the U.S. Open. One golfer described the experience as similar to “putting on broccoli.” Another compared the greens, which weren’t very green at the time, to cauliflower.

Feedback about the new poa annua greens, however, has been “overwhelmingly positive,” according to course officials.

“Players think the greens are spectacular. They’re firm. They have good pace,” said Larry Gilhuly, U.S. Golf Association Agronomist.

Although the course will close on Oct. 1 and reopen in March 2019, the clubhouse, golf shop, and restaurant will remain open.