After 20 years of leadership with The Russell Family Foundation (TRFF), Chief Executive Officer Richard Woo will step down at the end of this year.

Since its inception in 1999, this Gig Harbor-based philanthropic foundation has granted approximately $130 million in support of community groups and individuals.

Richard Woo

Richard Woo / Courtesy of The Russell Family Foundation

Under Woo’s leadership, the Foundation initiated a number of community-oriented programs. Since 2004, eight classes have graduated from TRFF’s “Jane’s Fellows” program. These classes are comprised of grassroots leaders around Pierce County who seek to lead community change without formal job titles.

Woo also oversaw the development of the Puyallup Watershed Initiative (PWI). Since this model for promoting environmental and social health was first launched in 2012, the PWI has grown into an independent nonprofit.

“For nearly two decades, Richard dedicated himself to establishing The Russell Family Foundation as a regional and global changemaker,” The Russell Family Foundation’s Board President, Eric Russell, said. “His humble leadership rooted the Foundation team in integrity, relationships and lifelong learning.”

The Foundation’s search for the next CEO is underway. Richard Woo plans to remain on the Board until the end of 2019, or until the hiring process has been completed.