Photos by Sarah McCauley

Every day, thousands of people wake up and go to work for a manufacturing company, making a myriad of products that contribute billions of dollars to the economy. In fact, over 284,000 people work in manufacturing and, as a result, contribute more than $60 billion in goods annually, according to the Association of Washington Business (AWB).

In an effort to promote all of the work that comes from the manufacturing companies here in Washington, AWB is currently hosting a custom-wrapped tour bus full of staff members, traveling state-wide to visit various key players in the industry.

The tour started on Oct. 2 in Vancouver and will end on Oct. 10 in Spokane. We caught them on the second day of their adventure, while they were stopped at the Seattle Tacoma Box Company, a family business that has been passed down for six generations — just one example of the many unique manufacturing companies the AWB staff will be visiting on their tour.

“AWB’s third-annual Manufacturing Week bus tour is a celebration of Washington’s manufacturers and the people who make amazing things throughout our state,” said Kris Johnson, president and CEO of AWB in a press release. “Manufacturing means good jobs, great products and a solid foundation for the economic health of our state. We’re proud to represent such extraordinary employers.”