The Seattle chapter of the Impact 100 Council is offering “Impactships” to increase accessibility to group membership.

Chosen applicants, who must be passionate about philanthropy but may not be able to afford membership dues, will receive member status at no cost.  

“We invite women who can help us strengthen our organization and broaden our perspective and reach to apply for one of our Member Impactships,” said Chesca Ward, the chair of the Impactships project, in a press release. 

Founded in 2019, Impact 100 Seattle is a collective through which women support local nonprofits by giving grants that are directly funded by membership fees. In 2020, the group distributed a total of $100,000 to five nonprofits.

Nationally, the Impact 100 Council chapters have awarded over $80 million dollars. Prospective applicants may join a Zoom meeting on March 1 to learn more. Register here.