The American Heart Association is honoring the legacy of the late Bernard J. Tyson — chairman and CEO of Kaiser Permanente and long-standing member of the American Heart Association’s national board of directors — by investing in organizations addressing health inequities through the Bernard J. Tyson Impact Fund, according to a press release.

Founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos provided a financial gift to launch the Bernard J. Tyson Impact Fund in the Puget Sound region, where the American Heart Association will invest in community-led, sustainable solutions that create housing equity or meet the growing food insecurity challenge within the area.

Organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit, seeking funding can visit for more information. A virtual town hall will be held Oct. 1 to gain community insights into what is needed, what is working, and where additional support is needed to scale impact.

Funding decisions will be announced in November.

Serving as a global health care leader for more than 35 years, Tyson dedicated his life to addressing the health inequities that plague the health care system in the United States and disproportionately impact under-resourced communities and populations. His widow, Denise Bradley-Tyson, formed the Bernard J. Tyson Impact Fund alongside the American Heart Association to advance his passion and address health equity.