The Olympia Farmers Market’s commitment to providing healthy, sustainable, and local food to everyone in the community is reflected in its acceptance of alternative currencies. WIC and Senior Farmers Market checks are supported through The Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP), which makes access to fresh and unprocessed produce possible for people dependent on alternative currencies in Lewis, Mason, and Thurston Counties.

This kind of thoughtful inclusivity is extremely important in Thurston County, where more than 27% of residents are provided economic assistance services; of those, almost 70% receive Basic Food Assistance.

“The Olympia Farmers Market is working with partners to address food insecurity, and to bridge the gaps low income clients experience accessing nutritious, fresh fruits and vegetables,” said Mary DiMatteo, Olympic Farmers Market Community Outreach Manager. “Data from a 2017 Rapid Market Assessment indicates that 83 percent of market shoppers found it to ‘very important’ or ‘important’ that low income people have the ability to shop at the Farmers Market with SNAP, EBT or WIC/Senior FMNP.”

The Olympia Farmers Market, which has been serving the Olympia community for 43 years, sells goods from over 50 local farmers. The market is open 152 days of the year.