After years of preparations and partnerships between several private and public entities, the Southwest Washington Regional Agricultural Business & Innovation Park is set to open in 2020. The park will be dedicated to manufacturing, processing, and packaging food products.

The City of Tenino and the Thurston Economic Development Council have been the leaders on the project.

The park’s goals are to:

  • Grow food production in the region
  • Increase and develop new markets for food products
  • Provide 150 or more new jobs
  • Grow value and revenue for regional food and farm businesses
  • Provide much-needed infrastructure and distribution methods for agriculture businesses

Another potential benefit of the park is to promote agricultural tourism. Thurston County’s Bountiful Byway runs right through Tenino and aims to promote local farms and connect locals and tourists directly with food producers.

“We’re looking forward to providing support for our regional agriculture community,” said Tenino Mayor Wayne Fournier. “It’s hard for small local farms to be competitive and viable. Providing infrastructure at a facility like this, taking advantage of economy of scale, will improve farmers’ livelihoods.”

For more information on the park, browse this document created by the City of Tenino, or see Thurston EDC’s article on the project.