Gig Harbor’s 7th Annual Beer Festival runs from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on May 19 at the Uptown Gig Harbor Pavilion. Over 60 beers from more than 25 breweries will be on tap. Participating brewers are:

Wingman Brewing Co.
Wet Coast Brewing Co.
Valholl Brewing Co.
Top Rung Brewing Co.
Sound Brewing Co.
Slippery Pig Brewing Co.
Silver City Brewery
RAM Big Horn Brewery
Rainy Daze Brewing Co.
Pacific Brewing & Malting Co.
Narrows Brewing Co.
Lazy Boy Brewing Co.
Kulshan Brewing
Hood Canal Brewing
Harmon Brewing Co.
Gig Harbor Brewing Co.
Ghostfish Brewing Co.
Fox Island Brewing
EW2 Brewing
Dystopian State Brewing
Downpour Brewing
Dog Days Brewing
Cash Brewing Co.
Bent Bine Brewing Co.
7 Seas Brewing Co.

There also will be a cider booth and mini cocktails served by Heritage Distillery in the Heritage Lounge. Outside food is allowed inside the festival, as no food is served on site. Live music will be performed by bands including Marlo & Ross, Surf Wax Americans, and the Rusty Cleavers. Tickets cost $30 and are available at the door in limited quantities, and online.