D.G. Parrott & Son 


For more than 100 years, the Parrott family has provided reliable custom machinery to the people of Olympia, as well as a rich community history. The company now known as D.G. Parrott & Son was initially founded by David and Fred Parrott in 1911. However, their Olympia roots go back even further. In 1904, the mother of these machinists, Ellen Parrott, built a pioneer-style home in the South Capitol neighborhood that can now be found on Olympia’s register of historic homes.

Kluh Family Jewelers 


A passion for jewelry has run through the Kluh family for more than 80 years. In 1938, Vernice “Sissy” Lomell was working alongside her father at a downtown Seattle jewelry shop when she met, and later married, Ted Kluh. In 1958, the couple purchased a small, family-owned jewelry store in downtown Olympia, which grew to include a half-dozen Kluh Jewelers locations throughout Western Washington. Today the couple’s two sons and their wives are carrying on the family tradition of offering customers fine jewelry, custom designs, and repairs.

Rankos Stadium Pharmacy 


As businesses come and go in Tacoma’s Stadium District, one iconic building has weathered all of the neighborhood’s changes for the past 85 years. Rankos Stadium Pharmacy stands on North Tacoma Avenue, just around the corner from the picturesque campus of Stadium High School. The Rankos family opened the business in the 1920s on Pacific Avenue and moved to the current location in the 1930s. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, Rankos was a high school student hub for soda-drinking and banana-split-eating.

Koelsch Communities


For over 60 years, three generations of family members have made Koelsch Communities a well-established presence in eight states across the U.S. In 1958, Emmett and Alice Koelsch founded their first branch in Kelso, Washington, serving their residents with dignity and respect. Today, the company serves over 1,500 residents and their families, providing care and a wide variety of living options.

Stewart’s Meat Market 


Just as the Great Depression began to seize the livelihoods of families across the country in 1929, a brazened Emmett Stewart entered the meat-market. After leading the business to prosperity, Stewart passed the business along to his daughter Dorothy, who became widely recognized for her mastery in specialty sausage-making. Now in its fourth generation of ownership, the family business lives on throughout the South Sound and beyond, making frequent cameos in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, as well as the Olympia Farmers Market.

Sprouffske Trees, Inc. 


Some 54 years ago, Fred Sprouffske planted Douglas fir seedlings on his farm in Rainier with the intent of growing Christmas trees. The next year, he brought his four children and their families on board to start Sprouffske Trees. Since 1972, when the first trees were sold, the company has blossomed into a corporation with both wholesale and U-cut trees. Though the operation has grown, it remains family-owned and -operated.

The Hob Nob 


Whn The Hob Nob building came up near Wright Park in 1929, it occupied only a third of its current space. Two other businesses neighbored the eatery then known as The Hob Nob Food Shop: Wright Park Cleaners & Dryers and the H.P. Kemp Confectionary. As the latter two businesses wavered through the Great Depression and World War II, The Hob Nob continued to grow, eventually renovating in 1970 to more closely resemble the Hob Nob we know and love today.

Hallidie Machinery


With more than a 100-year legacy and the largest inventory of Bridgeport parts and accessories in the state, this Auburn-based company has a lot of which to be proud. Hallidie provides professionals in the metal industry with not only a wide variety of both new and used machinery, but an extensive selection of parts and accessories.

Grays Harbor Raceway 


Auto racing is woven deep into the history of Elma. The Grays Harbor Raceway, as it stands today, is 30 years old. However, this speedway represents the thousands of races held over generations prior, tracing back to the earliest iterations of clunky racecars. Before The Grays Harbor Raceway, there was the Grays Harbor Fairgrounds Racetrack, as well as the Elma Speedway. Today, many of the racetrack’s finest competitors have been recognized and honored by the Elma Auto Racing Hall of Fame.

Fred Tebb & Sons


Since 1965, Fred Tebb & Sons has been producing premium wood products for global sale. Now a fourth-generation business, this South Sound company continues to re-manufacture lumber while remaining mindful of the environment. Today the company specializes in Alaskan yellow cedar, alder, Sitka spruce, and western hemlock.

Gordon Thomas Honeywell 


For over a century, Gordon Thomas Honeywell has made a commitment to giving South Sounders the best legal advice possible, while tailoring their counsel to the specific needs of every individual client. When Elmer M. Hayden merged his legal practice with Joseph H. Gordon and Scott Z. Henderson in the 1890s, the impressive legacy of GTH was born. Since then, the firm has produced lawyers who have gone on to become Washington State Attorney General, Pierce County prosecuting attorneys, Superior Court judges, Washington State Court of Appeals judges, Washington Supreme Court Justice, and District Court judges.